Some of our past kittens we placed
Curious Cuddles
Bluepoint Lynx male
Thank you so much for the wonderful kitten.   You can definitely see the love and time spent with the kittens to be so well socialized.  He is our pride and joy.   Everyone that see him, falls in love with him.  Kathy and Ryan in Green Bay, Wi.
Ragdoll Bandit
Sealpoint Mitted male
Kathy in Rosemount, Mn.
Ragdoll Jasper
Bluepoint Lynx Mitted
Kathy in Rosemount, Mn.
Sealpoint Bicolor Mitted
We just wanted to let you know that we are just thrilled with
MiMi, and she is doing great!!  We are so glad we found her!
Connie & Family in Apple Valley, Mn.
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