Still more of our past kittens we placed
Liebe Rose
We really enjoy her every single day! Thank you!
Debby in Port Washington, Wi
Jack Reacher
At 6 months old, he has more personality than we ever imagined and he
is definitely his own "person".  He really has been a great addition to
the family and we thank you for everything.
Monique in Prior Lake, Mn.

Here is our little Rascal at only 7 months old.  He is quite a character
already.  He loves to be with us always, ride in the car and waits at the
back door for our return.  We are really enjoying the ragdoll personality
and appreciate all of the socialization and love you give your kittens.
Robin in Eden Prairie, Mn.

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Seal point mitted
Alexandra in Eden Prairie, Mn.

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